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Sahara Marathon
Connecticut Finishers

February 27, 2001 - El Aaiun, Africa

From Sahara Marathon Website: www.sarahamarathon.org
The Sahara Desert ... 3,320,000 square miles of shifting sand, volcanic rock, buttes, valleys, salt water aquifers, temperatures from 136 F to 25 F, sand storms … and the Sahara Marathon race course.

This is where you'll find the Western Sahara refugee camps—L'Ayoun, Aoserd, Smara and Dakhla. The race begins with a ceremony in L'Ayoun camp where the course heads south into open desertthrough loose and compact sand toward Aoserd, the half-marathon starting line. Hardy runners will continue along the main sand road through the camp into valleys and plateaus for 13 more miles to the finish line in Smara.

Bottled water stations will be established every two miles, with food and medical tents every 4 miles and at the finish lines at Aoserd and L'Ayoun. In some places along the course, visibility is over 10 miles. Landmarks and course markers will be easy to follow.

The race will be begin at 8:00 am Tindouf time (Mean Greenwich Meridian) and runners will be given 8 hours to finish, at which time the course will be cleared by Land Cruisers.

Runners will receive orientation and maps prior to the beginning of the race, and be given a small bag of emergency gear, including band aids, emergency space blanket, power bars and whistle. Runners should bring their own hats, large bandanas, compass and hip pack with water bottle(s) holders. In the event of sudden sand storms, Land Cruisers will travel the course, picking up runners who chose to return. Race officials may terminate the race if the sand storms are severe. (Note: Runners experienced 30MPH winds)

Paul Guimont	Glastonbury, CT	4:03

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