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Roger's Orchard Runs
New Britain, CT

February 10, 2002

Todd Brown, Rocky Hill, CT - 49:15
Joselle Germano, Glastonbury, CT - 58:54

Timing & Results by:
Hartford Track Club

Race Timed by Chicken Soup & White Bean Chicken Chili Productions
Recipes for the above follow the results:
A big thankful to Beatrice Alviz, Allan and Carol Rubin for their
help with the run, and to all the race participants for coming out
to run and enjoy the beauty of Shuttle Meadow. 

Quotable quote:  "It's a tough job, but somebody has to win these things"
Todd Brown
	8.32 Race Results
    Name                Town           Age         Time        
 1. Todd Brown          Rocky Hill     37M         49:15
 2. Henryk Gudelski     Poland         33M         49:36   <-- Wow!!! All the way from Poland
 3. Ron Lombardi        Southington    38M         49:57  
 4. Steve Powers        Southington    41M         50:32
 5. Jon Fearnley        New Britain    34M         51:11
 6. Ed Mokosky          Rockfall       36M         52:45
 7. John Trunik         West Hartford  33M         53:39
 8. Michael Monroe      Manchester     42M         54:35
 9. William Varhue      Middletown     38M         55:08
10. Ed Gorecki          Farmington     48M         55:15
11. Steve Morse         Broadbrook     49M         55:17
12. Chris Armen         Simsbury       48M         56:31
13. Mark Turkington     Bolton         58M         56:47
14. George Mrus         Simsbury       42M         57:22
15. Roy Mitchell        New Britain    12M         57:37
16. Chris Zduniak       New Britain    32M         57:37
17. Mike Halasinski     Plantsville    38M         57:38
18. Dave Condit         Avon           54M         57:43
19. Joselle Germano     Glastonbury    28F         58:54
20. Will Graustein      Harwington     41M         59:06
21. Paul Sattler        Meriden        41M         59:48
22. Jerry Augustine     Middletown     56M         60:45
23. Peter Hawley        New Hartford   51M         61:21
24. Jordan Roby         New Britain    12M         62:00
25. Kevin Markowski     Middletown     44M         62:31
26. Bob Tumiski         Walleyworld    46M         63:28
27. Steve Sheehan       Southington    47M         63:38
28. Josh Becker         Wolcott        53M         63:48
29. Dave Jenkins        Berlin         40M         64:32
30. Fred Hudak          Torrington     57M         65:00
31. George Walker       Simsbury       58M         65:21
32. Mitchell Miller     Wolcott        52M         66:50
33. Carolyn Ready       Glastonbury    42F         67:33
34. Jason Kaffenberger  Canton         38M         67:43
35. Jon Vath            Plantsville    28M         68:31
36. Jim Laban           Middletown     53M         69:30
37. Eli Rascati         Middletown     56M         69:32
38. Colleen Hebert      Manchester     34F         70:07
39. Maria Cleary        Suffield       36F         70:08
40. Joan McGuire        Newington      47F         71:26
41. Linda Zavalick      Newington      55F         73:29
42. Rose Famiglietti    Wethersfield   53F         74:56
43. Pam Stevenson       Canaan         37F         78:47
44. Jane Jarrow         Bloomfield     51F         83:57
45. Julie Smith         Windsor        50F         84:22
	4.16 Race Results 
    Name                Town           Age         Time        
 1. Paul Rabenold       Avon           49M         28:46
 2. Cliff Carlson       Meriden        50M         30:31
 3. Eileen Mallesch     Simsbury       45F         30:51
 4. Caroline Kester     Farmington     43F         31:17
 5. Lyn Walker          Simsbury       61F         32:32
 6. Dave Loiselle       Kensington     43M         32:45
 7. Jon Vath            Plantsville    28M         32:55
 8. Christine Mariano   Cheshire       21F         33:08
 9. Karen LaForge       Suffield       41F         36:20
10. Pamela Shelton      Avon           44F         36:22
11. Pat Mariano         Cheshire       50F         37:49
12. Judith Crowley      Burlington     42M         38:00
13. Glenn Chaney        Bristol        39M         40:46
14. Marianne Mihalyo    Newington      41F         41:11
15. Any Fallon          Willington     39F         48:11
16. Gil Demarest        Plainville     71M         49:00
Chicken Soup Recipe
Note: The Art of making Chicken Soup is tough to capture in a recipe.
Race Director will be holding classes in the art later in
2002 preceeded by a run. 

Whole Chicken
2 lbs Parnsip
2 lbs of Carrot  (peeled baby carrots will save you work)
Big Bunch of Fresh Dill
Big Bunch of Fresh Parsley
1/2 Cup of Barley
Kosher Salt
Nice large crock pot to make the soup in
1. Skin thawed chicken.  Too much chicken fat is not a good thing for us runners. 
2. Fill 1/4 of pot (enough to cover chicken) with water.  Bring to a full boil.
3. Place chicken and gizzards in boiling water (lose the liver, though)  (Time for 5 minutes)
4. Remove chicken from water.  Dump out water
5. Fill 1/2 of pot with water.  Bring to a boil
6. Add the whole chicken back in.
7. Boil intensely for 30 to 45 minutes. 
8. Remove whole chicken.... Let Cool
9. Peel and dice parnsip.  Place in soup
10. Remove meat from chicken, dice, and place in soup
11. Throw carrots in soup. 
12. Rinse the barley and throw in the soup.
13. Salt and pepper to taste.   Better to start with a little and then add until it tastes right
14. Boil intensely for 30 to 45 minutes
15. Turn down burner
16. Rinse and chop dill and parsley. 
17. Place in soup and turn off burner
18. Let Soup Cool 
You can get the matzah ball recipe on a box of matzah meal.  The important thing about the
making matzah balls is that you have to cook the hell out of them, and not peek while
they're cooking or they will experience dramatic shrinkage. 
E-mail race directory at rubinlarry@cox.net if you have any questions. 
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