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Cedar Hill Cemetary Run
Hartford, CT

February 16, 2002

Dennis Barone, West Hartford, CT - 24:29
Caroline Kester, Farmington, CT - 29:31

Timing & Results by:
Hartford Track Club

February 16, 2002, Hartford, CT
Distance established with HTC measuring wheel:  Four miles.
This race is part of the Hartford Track Club Winter Series.
Dennis Barone set the tone for this race by showing up at registration
with thirty copies of Wallace Stevens’ poem “Of Hartford in a Purple Light.”  
The poem ends with the lines:
“Hi!  Whisk it, poodle, flick the spray
Of the ocean, ever-freshening,
On the irised hunks, the stone bouquet.”
Apparently, the “irised hunks, the stone bouquet” is “Hartford in a
purple light.”
Wallace Stevens is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, as is J.P. Morgan
and Samuel Colt.  Wallace Stevens lived on the same street in Hartford
(Westerly Terrace) as Joe Vailonis, and David Reik.
Dennis Barone not only brought the copies of the poem, he won the race.
After the race, I (David Reik) mentioned to Dennis that he was the only
one to shatter the twenty-five-minute barrier.  He replied, 
“That was my goal for the day.”  He also said, “I think this was the
only race I ever won in my life.”  When I asked him what he had for
breakfast, he said, “I had a bagel and a cup of coffee.  The secret 
was it was Omar’s Coffee, Franklin Avenue, Hartford.”
Linda Weidemier was the race director this year.  She had this to say
about the race:
“Despite the small turnout of runners, the Cedar Hill run seemed to
be much enjoyed by all.  The weather was mild, the ducks were quacking
and the sun sparkled on the ponds as the runners sprinted off into the
serene and unearthly beauty of Cedar Hill.  Thank you Bill for this
wonderful opportunity!  I had a great time even though I didn‘t run!”
The “Bill” referred to is Bill Katz, who founded this event in 2000.  
This year, Bill said, “I would define this race as short and feisty.  
The hills make it feisty.”
I asked Pam Shelton (sister of  Caroline Kester the first woman) how she
liked the hills.  She said, “I loved every single one of them,” but her
face conveyed a different message.
About a minute after he finished, I asked HTC president Will Graustein
for an interview.  Here’s what he said:
“Nobody wanted to take the first mile and we went through pretty slow
in 6:30.  I took it and I didn’t want it, because shortly after that, 
Dennis pulled  away.  The second mile was a 6:03 for me, so it wasn’t 
as if I just crumbled and died.  He loosened up; he must have done a 
5:55 on that second mile.  Chris [Armen] caught me shortly after the 
two-mile mark and slowly pulled away.  It was a good run.  The hills 
take it out of you.  That first and third mile with the long hill . . .  
that’s definitely the section of the course that hits you.”
Verification for Will’s observation about the first and third mile was 
offered by Peter Hawley; Peter reported his splits as having been 7:07, 
6:24, 7:17, and 6:26.
It was a good day for Chris Armen; his goal was to run 25:00, and the 
HTC printing timer recorded him at 25:00.00.  He is the only one to 
have run the race all three years, and he has run faster each year.
This year, David Reik marked the course with twenty-nine free-standing 
arrow signs.  Bill Katz re-measured the course with one of the Hartford 
Track Club measuring wheels.  (The wheels are stored at The Run In in 
Rocky Hill.)  Bill Katz was the course monitor, and David Reik and 
Linda Weidemier did the timing.  Linda Weidemier provided the 
heart-shaped candy boxes, water, and bagels.
The temperature at race time was about forty-seven degrees with a light 
wind, and no precipitation.  Here are the results:  
Place, Sex, Age, Time, Name, Town, State
 1  M46  24:49 Dennis Barone    West Hartford CT
 2  M48  25:00 Chris Armen      Simsbury      CT
 3  M41  25:22 Will Graustein   Harwinton     CT
 4  M51  27:15 Peter Hawley     New Hartford  CT
 5  M49  29:21 Peter Huntsman   Hartford      CT
 6  F43  29:31 Caroline Kester  Farmington    CT
 7  M39  30:45 Sean Butler      Hartford      CT
 8  F43  31:58 Maria Huntsman   Hartford      CT
 9  F36  32:28 Maria Cleary     Suffield      CT
10  M37  32:33 Alex Gordeuk     West Hartford CT
11  F44  32:51 Pamela Shelton   Avon          CT
12  F53  35:09 Rose Famiglietti Wethersfield  CT
13  F37  35:19 Pam Stevenson    Canaan        CT




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