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Charlie Stavros Memorial
On The Beach Run
Misquamicut, RI - 3 Miles

August 28, 2002


Jim Cherenzia - 18:00
Katey Kokomoor-  22:50

Timing & Results by:

Charlie Stavros Memorial
 Misquamicut "On The Beach Run"
    Misquamicut, RI (August, 28th)

   Charlie Stavros was a top flight road racer
  for many years. One of his favorite training
  regimens was running on the beach. And he had
  to be happy watching from above as fellow
  running comrade Jim Cherenzia stormed to vic-
  tory for the second year in a row and third
  overall in the race that is named in his mem-
   It was no cruise on the Misquamicut shoreline
  for Cherenzia however, as he had to deal with
  a brisk running contingent that included Wes-
  terly High crosscountry and track standout Dan
  Siskiewicz. The high school senior took control
  at the outset rounding the cone halfway through
  the 3 mile beach run in a solid 8:31. It was at
  this point that all contestants encountered a
  fierce headwind for the return trip to the fin-
   Cherenzia, running in 10th place at the halfway
  point began picking competitors off using his
  extensive experience with beach running. "It is
  different in terms of competing" he would later
  state to the local media. With about a quarter
  mile to go Cherenzia made his final decisive
  move on Siskiewicz taking the ribbon in an
  exciting finish, 18:00 minutes flat to 18:02.
   Katey Kokomoor of Noank, CT, enjoying a fine
  season of area racing, was the top finisher for
  the ladies in a time of 22:50. Jan McLaughlin
  of Westerly, RI was second in 25:52.
   The beach race serves as the official close to
  The Tom McCoy Family Fun Run Series. It is spo-
  nsored by the Pleasant View Inn of Misquamicut
  and the Westerly Track & Athletic Club.

                               -Nick Bottone Jr.


             Total Male Finishers

     Name               Age                Time

 1.Jim Cherenzia         41                18:00
 2.Dan Siskiewicz       16                18:02
 3.Sam Peck              24                18:42
 4.Mark Burbelo          46                18:45
 5.Sean Fedak            52                19:33
 6.Unknown               --                19:48
 7.Pete Weeden           38                20:22
 8.Dan Springer          16                20:30
 9.Mark Steele           35                20:35
10.Josh Springer        16                20:36
11.Brett Matthew        22                20:45
12.Kris Kokomoor        41                21:39
13.Joe Wojtas            40                21:40
14.Kevin Fagan           44                21:41
15.John Robinson        37                22:32
16.Steve Sullivan       45                22:34
17.John McNally         37                22:45
18.Way Hedding           52                23:08
19.Ryan Buckley         13                23:22
20.Michael Costanza     27                23:36
21.Barry Steamer        47                23:43
22.Jim Besse             51                24:07
23.Les Ahern             45                24:13
24.Roy Springer         45                25:19
25.Andrew Springer      11                27:34
26.Jack Valone           60                28:49
27.Colburn Graves       69                30:16
28.Michael Vettese      11                32:48
29.Unknown               --                33:56
30.Bill McGlynn         40                45:29

              Total Female Finishers

 1.Katey Kokomoor       39                22:50
 2.Jan McLaughlin       47                25:52
 3.Kathleen Steamer     42                27:48
 4.Lorri Urso Dean      40                29:14
 5.Cassidy McLaughlin   10                30:27
 6.Jackie Ahern          12                32:42
 7.Sue Gordon            46                34:07
 8.Laurie Lamb           49                41:08



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