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Katherine Hepburn
4 Miler (HTC)
Cedar Hill Cemetery, Hartford, CT - 4 Miles

February 22, 2004


Leonardo Moya, New Britain, CT - 22:06
Brigitte Boltz, Simsbury, CT - 27:08

Timing & Results by:

Cedar Hill Cemetery is the final resting place of actress Katherine Hepburn.  Samuel Colt,
J.P. Morgan, George Athanson and Wallace Stevens are also buried there.  
Jacob Weidenmann, who is credited with designing both this cemetery and Bushnell Park,
is also buried here.  You can get more information at www.cedarhillcemetery.org .
Runners have enjoyed running in the cemetery for many years; it's a beautiful refuge 
from noise and traffic.  Bill Shortell remembers running there in the 1960s when he 
was a student at Trinity College, coached by the legendary Barry Almond.  
This race was founded by Bill Katz who lives about a mile away in Hartford and runs 
in the cemetery often.  He still is the race director.  He gets some help from David Reik 
and Linda Weidemier.  John Fearnley, the Collinsville Bake-Off winner, showed up this 
year and helped keep the runners going the right way on this twisting and hilly four-mile 
course.  The course was measured by Bill Katz with one of the HTC measuring wheels. 
This race is part of the Hartford Track Club Winter Series, a series of informal races of 
a variety of distances at a variety of locations in the greater Hartford area.  Go to 
www.hartfordtrackclub.org and click on the latest newsletter for more information.
      David Reik
 Place   Time     SexAge     Name                     Town                
     1   22:06    M40        Leonardo Moya            New Britain, CT     
     2   23:20    M41        Ken Clark                Somers, CT          
     3   23:47    M35        David Ricciuti           Bristol, CT         
     4   24:34    M39        Todd Brown               Rocky Hill, CT      
     5   24:43    M35        Charles Szilagyi         Wethersfield, CT    
     6   25:12    M32        Ruben Perez Cruz         Willimantic, CT     
     7   25:21    M44        Mike Munroe              Newington, CT       
     8   25:37    M27        Charlie Olbrias          Willimantic, CT     
     9   25:51    M51        Steve Morse              Broadbrook, CT      
    10   26:10    M50        Chris Armen              Simsbury, CT        
    11   26:22    M30        Abe Krisst               Hebron, CT          
    12   26:27    M36        David Radcliffe          Meriden, CT         
    13   26:37    M39        Larry Rubin              Plantsville, CT     
    14   26:42    M44        Cliff Collins            East Hampton, CT    
    15   26:46    M39        Jorge Rabat, Jr.         Hartford, CT        
    16   27:06    M56        Ralph Morelli            Wethersfield, CT    
    17   27:08    F44        Brigitte Boltz           Simsbury, CT        
    18   27:13    M40        James Sullivan           New Britain, CT     
    19   28:16    M54        John Da Silva            Windsor, CT         
    20   28:28    M39        Martin Aligata           West Hartford, CT   
    21   28:36    M50        Edd Gorecki              Farmington, CT      
    22   28:49    M35        Kenin Tranberg           Wethersfield, CT    
    23   29:05    M49        David Travisano          Hartford, CT        
    24   29:12    M56        David Condit             Avon, CT            
    25   29:27    M40        Jason Kaffenberger       Canton, CT          
    26   29:32    M42        Christopher Reese        Cheshire, CT        
    27   29:35    M46        Peter Briggeman          Manchester, CT      
    28   29:42    M50        Ben Mattheis             Cheshire, CT        
    29   30:04    M41        Sean Butler              Wethersfield, CT    
    30   30:15    M54        Bob Dacey                Vernon, CT          
    31   30:40    M53        Sal Mangiafico           Wethersfield, CT    
    32   30:51    M57        Bill Shortell            West Hartford, CT   
    33   30:57    M53        Bob Musselman            Hartford, CT        
    34   31:01    F15        Kim Laina Jacobson       Torrington, CT      
    35   31:12    F44        Eva Van Stratum          Avon, CT            
    36   31:12    M46        Craig Brumwell           Worcester, MA       
    37   31:53    M35        Johnny Valdes            Hartford, CT        
    38   32:56    M33        Victor Torres            Hartford, CT        
    39   32:57    M52        Mike Scricca             Glastonbury, CT     
    40   34:28    M56        Eric H. Freedman         Southbury, CT       
    41   34:33    F55        Barbara Kream            Avon, CT            
    42   34:42    M35        Craig Grant              West Hartford, CT   
    43   34:45    F55        Rose Famiglietti         Wethersfield, CT    
    44   35:06    F52        Pat Mariano              Cheshire, CT        
    45   36:08    M23        Joe Reynolds             Meriden, CT         
    46   37:56    F51        Mary T. Scott            West Hartford, CT   
    47   38:18    F42        Mary Liz Williams        West Hartford, CT   
    48   44:53    F47        Debra St. Germain        Hartford, CT        
    49   46:38    M42        Roy Reynolds             Avon, CT            
    50   46:45    F38        Kim Aligata              Colchester, CT      
    51   49:02    F13        Rebecca Aligata          Newington, CT       
    52   50:35    F55        Marj Haas                Cheshire, CT        



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