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Holidaty 5K Run For Toys Part 1

Fairfield, CT - 5K

December 20, 2009

Timing & Results by:
MS Running Productions

The William B. Meyer


Dec. 20 from the Scandinavian Club in Fairfield

Yes it was a bit chilly, and about a foot of snow had fallen the night before…but we put out an email and said we’d be there in case people could get out of their homes…and they did! We collected some toys, ran a slightly sloppier than normal 5k course, and made it back safely.

Thanks to the 20 hearty souls who got there and ran, the casual onlookers, Paul C. who helped out and then ran in snow shoes, Tony Trujillo- our massage therapist, and Nick- who opened the Club for us. Afterwards we made plans for the following Sunday- The “Holiday 5k Run sequel- 12/27” and made our way back home.

We could not have done this without the help of the Fairfield Police and our sponsors who helped underwrite the cost of the shirts and facility. Thanks everyone!

If you ordered a shirt and didn’t get it please email me with your size and address. We are in the process of delivering and mailing them all in the next week or so.

Marty Schaivone   msrunningproductions@yahoo.com

1.       Doctor Rob Peattie                22:30               Bedford MA

2.       Ian Parimeter              23:40               Fairfield

3.       Joe Von Heur                         23:41               Southport, Brazil, and other destinations

4.       “BB” Hoffman              24:30               The wonder dawg, German Shepard

5.       David Hoffman                       24:31               Handler, T-shirt printer extraordinaire, SoNo CT

6.       Andrea Williamson Hughes  25:59                Distaff winner, New Canaan

7.       Marty Schaivone                    25:59:30         Pacer, Race Founder, Stratford

8.       John Zinter                              27 somethin’

9.       Chris Avery                             29:05

10. Mike Connelly                         29:06

11. MiMi Rog                                29:08               Fairfield, and will appear at the Donnelly Dash 4/11

12. Trish Sullivan              29:09               Same as above

13. Katebook Stoker                    30:07               England, photo journalist, now based in the States

14. Eleni Peterson                        30:30

15. Steve Burns                            30:50

16. Monica Roche                        31:22               Fastest 70 yr old in the State, Fairfield

17. Jeanette Trujillo                      31:30               Norwalk & daily massage recipient

18. Joyce Skidell                          NTL                  (No time listed)

19. Edward Regner                      44:43               All the way down from Torrington, and a young 81

20. Ann Onton                               55:40               Research Scientist


Thanks to:

Kate’book’ Stoker and her Garmand which measured the course at 3.14 miles (with slippage we figured it to be a dead-on 3.11 or 5k).

Jim Gerweck who designed the T-shirt front

Dave Hoffman who printed the shirts




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