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Find the Right
Sports Bra Part I

by Lisa Sorrentino, Fit X-pert at X-chrom.com

What’s the big deal about the sports bra? Well, I’m not sure if all the Brandi Chastain hype was necessary, but there’s something to be said for calling attention to this garment.

Finding the right sports bra is a serious decision. It’s just as important as wearing the right running shoes. Let’s face it – you need the right style to feel comfortable and stay motivated.

If you don’t take this decision seriously, chances are you’ll end up wasting a lot of money with the trial and error approach (and a lot of time for that matter). How many sports bras have you bought over the years that get used once, maybe twice, only to get lost in the back of the drawer? It’s time to seriously think about this decision and, consequently, save some time and money.

One thing you have to do is shop at the right place. You also have to know yourself - the right sports bra for you is primarily based on your body structure and, secondarily, on your personal preferences.

This is a very personal garment. We all aren’t 34B’s. We all don’t love underwires. Some of us insist on no-bounce support while some of us can care less about it.

Here’s the point – the wider the selection you’re shopping from, the better your chances of finding what’s right for you.

Once you’ve found that source with a wide variety, make sure that someone connected to the source really knows something about the sports bra. Then, it’s a matter of setting your priorities.

Just like any relationship, this sports bra is not going to be perfect. So, decide, what’s most important to you – Added structure for no-bounce support? All day wear ability? Separation with support? Easy on/off capability? Of course, these are just a few possibilities. Pick one or two must have’s and go from there.

The rest of this decision should be based on your body structure and the amount of vertical movement in your chosen activity (see part two).

Table of Contents:

Find the right sports bra (part I)…. How to better the odds of finding the right style for you

Find the right sports bra (part II)Recommended design types and features for general body structures and chosen activities

GO FOR fIT!How to avoid problems that may occur with a poor-fitting sports bra

Fit TipsHow to get the most of out of your sports bra investment

Towanda Bras!A sports bra review for medium-larger breasted women

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