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Find the Right
Sports Bra Part II

by Lisa Sorrentino, Fit X-pert at X-chrom.com

Are you large-breasted but narrow-chested? Trouble finding a good fitting sports bra because of your long torso? We all come in different shapes and sizes. Believe me, this really matters when it comes to choosing the right sports bra. I can’t give you a personal recommendation here (although I can on my Web site). But, let me tell you what I’ve found to work best in general.

First, it’s important to understand the two general types of sports bras. There are the original pullover or compression styles and the separating encapsulation styles. I bet most of you have at least one pullover type somewhere in your drawer. You know, this is the one that looks like two jock straps sewn together (that’s because the first sports bra was just that!). This style may or may not be best for you depending on your body structure, chosen activities and priorities.

Assuming your number one priority is no-bounce support, pullover type sports bras tend to work best for women with A and B cup sizes. This is because the style uses compression or flattening of the chest to provide no-bounce support. Compressive support doesn’t work too well if the breasts are larger than a B cup size. On the other hand, if you are a C cup or larger, and engage in activities that don’t involve a lot of vertical movement, then a compression style might do just fine in the area of no-bounce support. You would just have to deal with the uni-boob look and you may have a rough time getting the garment on and off.

With an encapsulation style, C cup and up sized women have a better chance of getting no-bounce support in activities with medium-high levels of vertical movement because the breasts are managed separately. So, an added benefit to the encapsulation style is you don’t have to give up contour. Typically, an encapsulation style has adjustable back clasps and shoulder straps for easier on/off capability as well.

So, let’s give this a try. What would you recommend for this woman? She’s D-cup sized with a narrow rib cage and a long torso. She likes to run (an activity with lots of vertical movement) but hates to bounce.

That’s right – recommend a style that supports and shapes her bust line and offers an adjustable band and adjustable shoulder straps (an encapsulation style, not a pullover style). Additionally, I’d tell her to look for an encapsulation style in a non-stretch fabric for a higher rating of no-bounce support or "Restricted Vertical Movement" ( I call this the bra’s RVM™ rating).

Now, you can help yourself make the right choice. Consider your body structure, the amount of vertical movement in your chosen activities and your priorities. Lots of times, there won’t be one solution that addresses everything you’ve taken into consideration. In this instance, wear a different sports bra for the activities that vary in amounts of vertical movement.

Table of Contents:

Find the right sports bra (part I)…. How to better the odds of finding the right style for you

GO FOR fIT!How to avoid problems that may occur with a poor-fitting sports bra

Fit TipsHow to get the most of out of your sports bra investment

Towanda Bras!A sports bra review for medium-larger breasted women

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