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Sports Bra Fit Tips

by Lisa Sorrentino, Fit X-pert at X-chrom.com

Know When To Fold ‘em, Know When To Hold ‘em

And know when to walk away from your sports bra. There is a life to every one of these garments. You’ll know it’s at the end of its rope when it loses its ability to restrict vertical movement. Or, it just might not seem to fit right or be as comfortable anymore. Any signs of pilling or fabric breakdown are your cue to replace it.

Forever Yours

Well, based on the fact that there is an end to the life of any sports bra, it won’t really last forever. But, there are a couple of things you can do to make it last longer. First, stick to a fabric care that really does cares about the fabric – one is Forever New Fabric Care. It’s biodegradable and gentle with the fibers.

Second, please don’t put your sports bra in the dryer. All that hot air breaks down those technical fibers that make you love the bra so much. And, if you can, it would really appreciate a hand washing as well.

Improve its RVM score

Those of you who have what’s called an encapsulation style sports bra (not a pullover style) can improve its ability to "restrict vertical movement" (I call this the bra’s RVM score). You can do this right off the bat. A sports bra should fit snugly, so if your style allows adjustments, wear the band as tight as possible without constricting breathing to get the most support. The band is the piece that goes around your ribcage. Tightening the shoulder straps helps too, but it’s the band that can really make a difference.

Table of Contents:

Find the right sports bra (part I)…. How to better the odds of finding the right style for you

Find the right sports bra (part II)Recommended design types and features for general body structures and chosen activities

GO FOR fIT!How to avoid problems that may occur with a poor-fitting sports bra

Towanda Bras!A sports bra review for medium-larger breasted women

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