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by Lisa Sorrentino, Fit X-pert at X-chrom.com

If you don’t go for fit (instead of fashion) when buying a sports bra, some physical problems may occur. Chafing, sore breasts, sagging and a sore shoulder/neck area are just some of the physical problems that have been tied to poor fitting sports bras. I’m not sure if I believe poor fitting sports bras cause sagging, but it’s been argued. Anyway, here are some reasons why these problems may occur and what to do about them.

Wrong Size

Learn and accept your size. Taking your measurements is a start. The majority of the problems with poor fitting bras are about wearing the wrong size. Accept yourself – If you’ve always wanted to be a C cup, but you measure out a B (or vice versa), get the B size. Don’t buy the size you wish you were.

Take note, sports bra manufacturer’s didn’t exactly huddle and say, "OK, let’s standardize a sizing chart for these things!" This means you may not buy the same size in one style as you might in another.

Wrong Style

The right style depends on your chosen activities, body structure and personal preferences. Think about the amount of vertical movement you will be experiencing in your chosen activities. For example, running is thought of as an activity associated with a lot of vertical movement. Now, consider your body structure – what cup size are you, how does that relate to your rib cage measurement, how long (or short) is your torso. Finally, what’s most important to you? While running, do you namely want no-bounce support? Wicking capability? Pick one or two must have’s and go from there. The solution sometimes is a different style for different activities.

Dead Bra

Yes, there is a life to this garment. The fabric eventually loses its functionality – this means the fit then changes. If you hand wash and line dry your sports bra instead of machine handle, it will last about twice as long. On average, a machine-handled sports bra will last about six months.

Sensitive Skin

Some of you chafe no matter what the style or the fabric you’re wearing. You’ve tried everything without relief. Folks who can identify with this dilemma probably have sensitive skin that tends to react to sweat and friction. In these instances, I recommend using Vaseline, or, better yet, a fabric-friendly product like Bodyglide between you and your sports bra.

Table of Contents:

Find the right sports bra (part I)…. How to better the odds of finding the right style for you

Find the right sports bra (part II)Recommended design types and features for general body structures and chosen activities

Fit TipsHow to get the most of out of your sports bra investment

Towanda Bras!A sports bra review for medium-larger breasted women

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